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Small Business Month - October 2020

The program culminates with a special event – Friday Night with Mia Freedman via Zoom on Friday, October 30, in a presentation available only to businesses in Gunnedah Shire. Mia is the co-founder and chief creative officer of the very successful Mamamia Women’s Media company, with an audience of more than five million women each month. Mamamia also has the largest women’s podcast network in the world.

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Country Witches Association

Performed by Mandy Nolan and Àine Tyrrell 

Irish folk musician Àine Tyrrell and Australia’s beloved comedian Mandy Nolan whip up plenty of audience participation via a meeting ‘agenda’ that is a riotous and heartfelt homage to the CWA’s role: bringing support, connection… and hysterical observations of everyday dilemmas.

Venue: Gunnedah Town Hall, Conadilly St
Date: Friday, 20th November 2020
Doors Open: 7:30pm
Show Starts: 8:00pm
Target Audience: 18+
Running Time: Approximately 2 hours with intermission

Social distancing will be adhered to.
Tickets on sale

Hell Ship: The journey of the Ticonderoga

By Michael Veitch

Michael Veitch writes and performs a one-man show of an historical maritime event never shown on stage before.

In 1852, the emigrant ship Ticonderoga limped into Port Melbourne after a nightmare voyage from England in which nearly 200 of her passengers had died of typhus. Her saga of tragedy, loss and heroism gripped the people of our young nation like nothing before. Michael Veitch will perform his one-man show from the perspective of the young ship’s surgeon who bravely nursed many of the sick passengers back to health. A dark story but told utilising Michael’s great ability to capture the human aspects and always find some small thing to attach a wry sense of humor to when required. The clincher – the surgeon was actually his great-great grandfather, James William Henry Veitch .

Ticket sales will open closer to the date, pending COVID-19 restrictions 

Venue – Civic Theatre, Chandos Street
Date – Thursday 25th March 2021
Doors Open – 6.00pm
Show Starts – 6.30pm
Target Audience – Adult 18 +
Running Time approx – 90mins

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow

Australia’s favourite comedy convoy is locked, loaded and hitting every corner of the country!

Join our diverse line-up of the hottest acts direct from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for a very special show that is sure to tickle everyone’s funny bone. Featuring a cast of Australian stars, talented newcomers and special guest international performers, we’re home-delivering Australia’s largest comedy festival in one jam packed night of the biggest and best belly laughs you’ll have all year. For over twenty years the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow has presented an all killer, no filler night of stand-up, sketch, satire, silliness and song to towns and cities across Australia. From Mandurah to Mackay, Devonport to Darwin and 80 destinations in between, this really is the rip-roaring road trip of a life time!

Performances often contain coarse language, sexual references and material that can offend. It is recommended for people aged 15 years or older.

Ticket sales will open closer to the date, pending COVID-19 restrictions 
Smoke Machine/Hazer may be used during this performance.

Venue – Gunnedah Town Hall, Conadilly Street
Date – Thursday 17th June 2021
Doors Open – 6.30pm
Show Starts – 7.30pm
Target Audience – Adult 18 +
Running Time approx – 90mins


Windmill Theatre Co

A slightly sideways tale about unexpected friendship, finding where you fit and learning to mix it up a little. In Mort’s Village everything has its place, every day is the same and everyone likes it that way. Until one morning, crash, boom, bang… down comes Beep. What is this annoying interruption to Mort’s breakfast molly melon, who is this noisy robot girl, and how will she find her home? With Windmill’s trademark design, gentle storytelling, music and puppetry, Beep tells the story of what happens when someone new comes to town.

Ticket sales will open closer to the date, pending COVID-19 restrictions 

Venue – Gunnedah Town Hall, Conadilly Street
Date – Wednesday 1st September 2021
Doors Open – 9:30am
Show Starts – 10:00am
Target Audience – 2-7 years
Running Time approx – 35mins

Snow White and the Seven Cool Dudes

Jally Entertainment

Snow White is becoming more beautiful every day and the Wicked Queen is not happy so she has decided to send Snow White away, to get rid of her once and for all. The Magic Mirror has warned The Wicked Queen this is a huge mistake – Snow White is beautiful on the inside and the outside too and everyone likes her. The Queen isn’t listening, and she orders The Hunter from her palace to take Snow White into the forest and leave her there… forever!

Meanwhile, the Cool Dudes have decided it’s time they started making healthier food choices and doing some exercise – they can’t sit around eating junk food and playing video games for hours on end. It’s time to get outside and enjoy the day!

During this interactive production, children will enjoy the opportunity of role-play as they are invited to become a variety of characters- including The Cool Dudes- that love to rap! The off-stage action continues with song and dance for the rest of the audience.

Ticket sales will open closer to the date, pending COVID-19 restrictions  

Venue – Gunnedah Town Hall, Conadilly St
Date – Thursday 7th October 2021
Doors Open – 10am
Show Starts – 10:30am
Target audience is 3 – 11 years.
Running time approx – 50 minutes