Beep - A Windmill Theatre Company Production

A slightly sideways tale about unexpected friendship, finding where you fit and learning to mix it up a little.
In Mort’s Village everything has its place, every day is the same and everyone likes it that way. Until one morning, crash, boom, bang… down comes Beep. 
What is this annoying interruption to Mort’s breakfast molly melon, who is this noisy robot girl, and how will she find her home? 
With Windmill’s trademark design, gentle storytelling, music and puppetry, Beep tells the story of what happens when someone new comes to town. 
For children aged 2-7 years | Early learning to Year 2.
Venue – The Civic Gunnedah, Chandos Street
Date – Monday 16th May 2022
Doors Open – 1:00pm & 3:00pm
Show Starts – 1:30pm (SOLD OUT) & 3:30pm
Running Time approx – 35 Mins
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The Soul Express
Produced & Performed by Laura Zarb

This one-hour cabaret is filled with humour, original songs, a belly dance break and even a sneaky strip down to underwear! A show about self-love and acceptance, audiences are taken on a ‘train journey’ as Laura Zarb addresses the pressures of perfection, anxiety and life in our modern day, technologically fuelled world. Jump aboard The Soul Express with Laura Zarb as she regales you with highly relatable tales and catchy, original tunes. Following a sell-out 2019 Sydney Fringe debut, Laura is thrilled to be bringing her unique blend of wit, charm and neursoes to Gunnedah audiences, as she shares her perchant for procrastination, her silent battles with old mate anxiety, and her love of sequins, shimmies and sing-a-longs.
Venue – Gunnedah Bicentennial Creative Arts Centre, Chandos Street
Date – Wednesday 25th May, 2022
Doors Open – 6.00pm
Show Starts – 7.00pm
Target Audience – 16 +
Running Time Approx – 60 Minutes
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70th Annual Gunnedah Eisteddfod
Gunnedah Eisteddfod Society

The Gunnedah Eisteddfod is the town’s cultural exhibition in Music, Instrumental, Speech & Drama and Dance. The Gunnedah Eisteddfod has long been recognised as “the friendly eisteddfod” with many performers from around the north west and beyond, travelling many hours to be a part of this rewarding competition. The Gunnedah Eisteddfod has always been regarded as far more than a competition, with many friendships and bonds strengthened over the years.

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100 Years Of The History Of Dance As Told By One Man In 60 Minutes With An Energetic Group Finale

Bursting at the seams with fascinating facts, naughty stories and dance moves to die for, 100 Years Of The History Of Dance As Told By One Man In 60 Minutes With An Energetic Group Finale follows Jacob, a schoolboy presenting a report on the topic of his own choice. Not to be extra or anything, but Jacob has decided to cover 100 Years of the History of Dance! 
Exploring the lives of influential choreographers including Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Bob Fosse, Rudolf Nureyev, Pina Bausch, Gene Kelly and Paula Abdul, Jacob not only talks about them, but demonstrates their signature style at the same time. As he prepares, Jacob ponders the difference between ‘influence’ and ‘plagiarism’ and begins to question his own legacy…
Venue – Civic Theatre, 83 Chandos Street, Gunnedah
Date – Sunday 5th June, 2022
Doors Open – 7.00pm
Show Starts – 7.30pm
Target Audience – All Interested in Dance and Drama
Running Time Approx – 60 Minutes
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Use Dine & Discover Vouchers - Tickets Must Be Purchased in Person at The Visitors Information Centre or The Civic Theatre.


Strap yourself in Australia! The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow is hitting the highways to home-deliver the freshest and funniest from the 2022 Festival to neighbourhoods across the nation.For 24 years the Roadshow has presented an all killer, no filler line-up of Australian stars and talented newcomers to comedy fans far and wide.
Buckle up for a night of stand-up, sketch, satire, silliness and song in this rip-roaring road trip designed to satisfy all your comedy cravings!
Book now for that much-needed live comedy fix when we roll into a venue near you.
Venue – Gunnedah Town Hall, Conadilly Street
Date – Thursday 23rd June, 2022
Doors Open – 7.00pm
Show Starts – 8.00pm
Target Audience – Adult 16 +
Running Time Approx – 135 Mins Including 20 Mins Interval
Onsite bar services and snacks available. BYO not permitted.
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The Owl's Apprentice

Bound to capture your heart, this show is interactive and playful and combines shadow and hand puppetry, physical comedy and some great storytelling skills. Owls are not born as wise as you might think. They have to be taught. Young owl Poot Poot is on the way to Owl school to study and along the way meets an echidna, a wombat, a kookaburra, a lyrebird, a kangaroo and a platypus. He learns a little something from each of them and the final result of what he learns is put to the test when the forest is in danger of perishing. Is he wise enough to save the forest? Come and find out!
Venue – The Civic Theatre, 83 Chandos Street, Gunnedah 
Date – Tuesday 2nd August, 2022
Doors Open – 10.30am
Show Starts – 11.00am
Target Audience – Ages 3 - 10
Running Time Approx – 40 Mins + Q&A
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