Exhibition continues until Sunday 24th of October 2021
Gunnedah artists Helen Stanley and Brad White will bring a collection of their works together in an upcoming exhibition at the Gunnedah Bicentennial Creative Arts Gallery called “A Mix of Marks”.
The two are artists of very different kinds who have shared their mutual love of art since their children became friends at preschool. This exhibition is the realisation of a long-held ambition to show their work together.
Helen Stanley has honed her talent since attending art college at Winchester School of Art, in Hampshire, United Kingdom, while Brad White is largely self-taught and enjoys challenging himself to create artworks with a difference.
“I am quite controlled in my art, with a playful use of mixed mediums,” Helen says. “My art is influenced by my upbringing in England, and it is a little wacky.”
Brad, on the other hand, has a contemporary style he laughingly describes as “loose and rough”. He experiments with shape and form, working in both oils and acrylics, and has recently discovered an interest in sculpture. Helen’s gentle and whimsical style will create an interesting contrast to Brad’s more bold and confronting style.
A virtual exhibition is available for view via the civic facebook page. 

Official opening 6.00pm Friday, 29th of October 

Dorothea Mackellar’s poem My Country is a work rich in Australian imagery, an imagery that is brought to life through a new exhibition named after the famous poem.  

Maree’s paintings capture the imagery that has long represented Australian’s love for their country, with artworks that open a window into lines such as “Her beauty and her terror”, and “the hot gold hush of noon”.  Maree says the exhibition also reflects the importance of the landscape in her own work.