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Library Lines

Library Lines: Tuesday, 07 April 2020

Not only is the library’s physical collection still available to you through the housebound collection, where the staff will select books for you and deliver them to your home once a fortnight – please ring 6740 2090 for information about this service – but the vast resources of the State Library of New South Wales are also available to all readers!

NSW residents can sign up for a Library card online and access an extensive range of eResources and eBooks, including online access from anywhere - and it's free to join. You will receive your Library card number via email (next business day). We will then post the card to you at a later date.

If you are already a member of Gunnedah Library, you can register with the State Library of New South Wales for instant access to the Library's eResources. You can use most of the State Library’s eResources including eBooks from anywhere, anytime with a SL public library membership.

All you need is your public library card!
Need to use other collection material and services from the State Library?

Sign up for additional access – you’ll just need to hop onto the State Library web site, enter your Gunnedah Shire Library bar code (on the front of your membership card) and you’ll be able to access several other services.

These services include Multicultural Services for NSW Residents - There are numerous multicultural services and resources that can be accessed online such as PressReader and IELTS.

PressReader is a service which allows anyone who lives in NSW to read newspapers in their own language at home. Over 5,000 international newspapers and magazines from more than 100 countries in 60 languages including English are available.

IELTS can assist you in improving your English language skills or to help prepare for the International English Language test.

If you can’t find your library card to access your bar code number, just ring the library on 67402190 and the staff will assist.

You can also check the library’s website for eResources such as rbDigital (audio and eBooks and magazines), Haynes car manuals, and World trade press (information about all countries of the world, including a Learning the Language section)!

Happy reading!

Library Lines: Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Although the library is shut, there are still ways that people can access the collection – we are still working behind the scene although the library is shut to the public!

If you wish to replenish your reading stock, please ring the library on 67402190 to speak to a staff member about joining the contact free house bound service. Simply tell the staff the type and number of books you wish, and they will be delivered to your door once a fortnight.

The library is also offering activity packs in lieu of the usual school holiday programme. We have packs for four age groups: four to seven years, eight to 12 years, and over 13 years old. These packs can be ordered and can be collected – contact free – from the library, or delivered with the house bound book bags.

There’s plenty to engage the children as the packs contain lots of puzzles, colouring in, drawing and word games, number games and activities such as join the dots and spot the objects.

For readers with devices, the library also has some eResources that can be accessed from the comfort of your own home.
rbDigital gives access to eBooks, eMagazines, and audio books, and World trade Press has information about places all around the world, such as food, culture, geography and a language education section.

These resources are available by using your membership code (barcode number) and the links are on the library website [http://thecivic.com.au/index.php/en/library]
Library members, using their library card, can also access resources made available through the NSW State Library. By going to the State Library website [www.sl.nsw.gov.au] and Research and Collections – eBooks, you will find a wide range of books, both fiction and non-fiction, which can be downloaded. Take the opportunity to explore the collections of newspapers, manuscripts and oral history held by the State Library.
If you haven’t got your library number to hand, just ring the library on 67402090!

There are also eBooks and audio books available through the free website [www.gutenberg.org] or the Australian [www.gutenberg.net.au] . These are titles published before 1955 and are therefore in the public domain. Time to catch up with all the classics!

Happy reading!

Library Lines: Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Plenty of new books have been added to the shelves this week.

Amongst the nonfiction titles are Living with Chrohn’s disease: turning adversity into opportunities by Nichola Hamilton. The book ‘covers deit, both conventional and holistic medicine, work/life balance and … includes tips for carers, families and loved ones.’ There is also a list of Australian resources at the back of the book.

Another nonfiction title is In yur face: the insider’s guide to truly transformative makeup and skincare by Bernadette Fisers. The book has plenty of information about the composition of skin care products and contains plenty of photos and easy to follow directions to get the best make up results for your occasion and skin type.

Readers of thrillers and mystery novels will love the latest books by James Patterson & James O. Born Lost, and David Baldacci’s A minute to midnight. The clock is ticking in both novels, for the city of Miami in James Patterson’s novel, and for Special Agent Pine in Baldacci’s lates. Want to try a new author? Chris Petit, described as ‘one of Britain’s most visionary writers’ has penned a novel set in Berlin at the end of World War II, ‘A Morgen and Schlegel thriller.’ The book is described as ‘Once you’ve started reading it, you won’t easily be able to put it aside.’

Don’t forget that the library has plenty of books, and also programmes, for younger readers.

For very young children, there’s Toddler Time at 10.30am each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning, where the children enjoy stories and a simple handicraft. There’s no need to book, just turn up and enjoy!

Older children can get reading assistance by joining Bookends Literacy Assist, which is an after school programme running from 3.00pm until 5.00pm each Tuesday, Thursday and to 4.30pm on Friday. Children can ‘borrow’ a senior for a twenty minute block, and the seniors will give help and encouragement with reading. This programme is free, but bookings are essential so we can arrange a senior for your child at your preferred time. Just ring the library on 6740 2190 or come in to chat to the staff.

See you soon at the library!