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Library Lines

Library Lines: Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Library Lovers’ Month is now over, and we still have five unclaimed prizes for those people who were daring enough to have a blind date with a book! Remember, if you borrowed a book from the Blind Date basket, and you found a red heart in the book, bring the heart along to the library and claim your prize.

It’s now Multicultural March, and the library is celebrating all things multicultural – there are plenty of books, displays of flags of different countries, costume dolls in the display stand, and for those children and adults who want to test their powers of observation, there’s a Flag of the World competition! Answer the 20 questions, which include such interesting ones as ‘which country’s flag has three legs on it?’ and ‘how many colours on the flag of the Seychelles?’. Hand the form to the library staff, and you can select a prize from the box – great fun for all!

The library has just received a delivery of over 50 junior fiction audio books recorded on CDs. Some of these talking books are now available to be borrowed and are ideal for amusing children on long train, car or plane trips. Playing times of the CDs are clearly marked on the back and range from an hour to almost five hours, enough to keep youngsters occupied for a while!

Among the titles are, Magic Ink by Stephen Cole – it’s a story of artwork coming to life! A great favourite, especially after the movie, is Paddington Here and Now, by Michael Bond and read by Stephen Fry. Then there’s Letters From An Alien Schoolboy, and Voyage to the Volcano: A Great Balloon Adventure, written and read by Tom Banks. Ideal for the colder evenings is The Reindeer Girl - the magical adventures of Lotte in Norway.

See you soon at the library!

Library Lines: Tuesday, 06 March 2018

Thanks to everyone who wrote a letter to the library saying why they love their library during Library Lovers Month in February!

And if you don’t already love your library, come on in for a visit and see all the services that we offer! We can offer free computer use, free Wifi, printing, scanning, copying and laminating for a charge. There are also three JPs on duty at the library who are available to witness signatures, and certify documents as being true copies.

The library also runs a number of free programs such as Brain Training @ the Library every Monday for older people, Toddler Time for pre-schoolers, and Junior Brain Games - an after school activity for older children. For people unable to get to the library, who are confined to their homes or their shops, we have Housebound, and Shopbound services, delivering bags of books to recipients each fortnight. If you would like this service, or know of anyone who could benefit from the Housebound Library Service, please let the staff know! And of course there are books!

Members can borrow items free of charge, and they have almost three weeks in which to read them.

Among the new titles added to the collection this week are: Screen Schooled: Two veteran teachers expose how technology overuse is making our kids dumber by Joe Clement & Matt Miles; Better Brain Food: Eat to cheat dementia and cognitive decline - as well as information about what and why certain foods are good for brain health, there are plenty of easy to follow recipes for one or two people with photos.

For those wanting to take a holiday, check out Lonely Planet’s Best of Thailand: Top sights, authentic experiences - it’s a book packed with the usual Lonely Planet information of what to do, where to go, what to see, and includes maps and colour photos.

Want to holiday in Australia with your pets? We recommend borrowing, Pets on holiday: The best pet-friendly accommodation, activities and cafes all over Australia by Gareth Brock. The book is split into states, and then local areas. No photos but plenty of information to help you plan your trip with your furry friend!

See you soon at the library!

Library Lines: Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Thanks to everyone who has written a letter to the library saying why they love their library during February, Library Lovers Month! Receiving your feedback has been important and informative, and where possible, we will try to act on your suggestions. If you haven’t already written ‘I love my library because …’ letter with suggestions, you still have a couple of days to come into the library and write us a letter!

Don’t forget to visit us during Multicultural March. There will be a display of European and other countries costume dolls, displays of books set in different countries, and the library will be awash with the colour of flags of many nations.

Junior Brain Game (every Wednesday afternoon at 3.30 pm) participants can enjoy such interactive stories as The Eureka Stew and Cooking Stone Soup.

Plenty of new books have been added to the library shelves including:

The Sons - ‘a well written and nerve-wracking thriller’ written by Anton Svensson, is set in Sweden; Lisi Harrison’s The Dirty Book Club is set in ‘a small beach town’ in California; and The Last Train, ‘a gripping historical mystery, moves between past and present, Scotland and Australia; That Girl by Kate Kerrigan is set in London during the 1960s;, and White Gum Creek is of course set in Australia; while The City of Brass is a fantasy novel set in Egypt and in the imagination.

Non-fiction titles include My First Book of World Flags which clearly illustrates that some flags are indeed great works of art! John Cann, with Jimmy Thomson has written The Last Snake Man - ‘the remarkable true-life story of an Aussie legend and a century of snake shows’ and The Cambridge Companion to Australian Art’ - a book that covers everything from rock art to modern day paintings – with plenty of coloured illustrations.

See you soon at the library!