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Library Lines

Library Lines: Tuesday, 30 June 2020

One of the many eResources Gunnedah Library has is Haynes Manuals, so with the cooler weather coming on, and you’re looking at finally renovating that old vehicle in the shed and restoring it to its former glory, but not quite sure where to start, this database is the place for you!
Haynes Manuals have over one hundred car and motorcycle manuals, with some tractors also added to the mix. All makes and models of cars, utilities, trucks etc., are represented, with detailed instructions and information on all aspects of repair. Search for your make of car, then model, and then get started!

Just click on the Hayes Manual link in the library’s eResources tab in the web site, enter your library card number, get your tools organised, and start your winter project now. If you have any problems, just visit the library and the friendly staff will assist.

Plenty of new books have been added to the library shelves.

Amongst the new titles are Living with allergies: practical tips for all the family by Emma Amoscato. Although this book is English, it covers a range of allergies from Food to Skin, and gives plenty of information about handling the allergy at home, work and school, how to support people with allergies, and how to prevent them.

The Asperger teen’s toolkit by Francis Musgrave is packed with useful information to help a child manage Relationships, Wellbeing , and Interests. It covers topics such a cyber bulling, social media, depression, gaming, and being smart with money.

Want your child to be relaxed and healthy? Try the Get active: Yoga book, for young people and teens. The book contains information blocks, plenty of photos, and explanations of breathing, Standing poses, Floor poses, and so on.

Feel like trying some handicrafts during the longer days? The mermaid craft book: magical makes for your inner mermaid by Marianna Thompson could be the book you’re looking for! The book gives clear instruction of making everything from earrings to soap, from hand bands to bath salts, and even gives instructions on make-up and nails. Great fun!

Children will love The pawed piper a picture books about a little girl who wants a cat, and My friends are all different an easy reading book about friendship.

Amongst the new Large Print books added to the collection is the Mystery/Thriller Dare to remember
By Susanna Beard. The book is described as ‘intriguing and gripping’ and ‘I found myself frantically turning the pages, desperate to uncover what happened.’

See you soon at the library!

Library Lines: Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Although the library is now open again, perhaps you don’t have time to come in, or you prefer to read or listen to your books via a digital medium.
Not a problem, the library has plenty of eResources that you can access from home, using your own device, provided that you are a member of the library!
One of our resources is rbDigital, an online platform that provides eBooks, eMagazines, and audiobooks. Books and audio books can be borrowed for up to 14 days, and renewed twice, while magazines will stay on your device until you delete them. You can ‘wishlist’ titles and come back later to borrow and download them.
There are over 166 magazine titles available, including Better homes and gardens and Men’s Health, (back issues are also available!), 1770 audio books, with titles by James Patterson, and Carly Lane and 741 eBooks, including Vengeance by Lee Childs, and The mirror and the light by Hilary Mantel.
There are also children’s books available, with titles by David Walliams, Jackie French and Andy Griffiths.

Signing up is easy, just download the rbDigital app, open it, and follow the prompts to create an account using your Gunnedah Shire Library card barcode number. If you have any problems, just visit the library and the friendly staff will assist.

We’ve just received 150 Large Print books, and are in the process of adding them to the collection so they can be borrowed. Remember, the library doesn’t double up on titles, the books are either normal print or Large Print, so if you have any favourite authors in the normal print section, don’t forget to check the large print for any new books! You might be surprised at the range of books available there.
Among the new titles available are The long count by J. M. Gulvin, a modern day western novel, Even dogs in the wilda new John Rebus mystery by Ian Rankin, The keeper of lost things a ’delightful’ novel by Ruth Hogan, Legacy of Greyladies by Anna Jacobs, and Killing ways by a thriller Alex Barclay.

See you soon at the library!

Library Lines: Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Gunnedah Shire Library has lots of eResources for those people who like to do their reading and their researching on line.
One of the best, the biggest and the most comprehensive databases for information about any country in the world is World trade press!
Whether you’re looking for information or pictures for a child’s school project, starting the CWA country of study diary – the country this year is Ecuador! – or you just want to armchair travel – this is the place for you!
Just click on the link in the library’s eResources page, enter your Gunnedah Shire Library bar code number and you’ll be able to visit any country in the world, check out their cities, try their recipes, marvel at the countryside, and have a go at learning the language, as there’s a language learning section for thirty different languages!
There are also videos, maps and city tours, so even if you can’t travel yet, you can study the culture, the food, and arts from the comfort of your own home -
It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s free!
If you need a hand to get started, just come into the library and the friendly staff can assist you with your first log in to the site, and help you to navigate between the many possibilities of exploration.
Many new books have been added to the shelves, especially amongst the large print shelves. Remember, the library doesn’t double up on titles – it’s either Large Print or normal print, so don’t go past the large print thinking you have read the titles already!
Amongst the new titles added this week are Even dogs in the wild a John Rebus mystery, The other me by Saskia Sarginson, and The woman who ran by Sam Baker ‘How do you escape what you can’t remember?’
Still immersed in the Covid 19 autumn cleaning?, or going to tackle it? Try our new Eucalyptus: practical everyday guidance by Lesley Dobson. The book contains ‘hundreds of household uses [for] health, cleaning, laundry [and] planting. The book has plenty of illustrations and recipes, and even gives instructions on how to grow your own eucalyptus trees!
Those handy in the kitchen can borrow The pie maker: quick and easy recipes recipes for pies and other clever creations by the ever popular Women’s Weekly – easy directions, mouth watering photos – what a good book!
See you soon at the library!

Library Lines: Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Although the library can’t run any of the many programmes yet, we are open, and yes, you can come in to change your books!

During the shut down, the library staff have been working, processing over 300 new titles so they are ready on the shelves for you to borrow. There are 100 new talking books for those who prefer to listen to books rather than read them, and also over 100 new Large print titles in all genres ranging from general fiction through to Mysteries, Thrillers and Westerns. There are also plenty of new fiction titles in all genres, and the nonfiction genres have also been refreshed with lots of new books.

New books include Wilbur Smith’s latest Call of the rave, Isabel Allende’s A long petal of the sea and winner of the Booker Prize Graham Swift’s Here we are. Nonfiction titles include Malcolm Turnbull’s autobiography A bigger picture and amongst the new talking books are War flower by Mary-Anne O’Connor.

For those who have read ‘everything’ stretch your reading wings by taking part in the 20 for 2020 reading challenge! The challenge is not just to read 20 books, but to read books in unusual categories, such as A book with a title starting with W, A book by an author names Elizabeth or variant, A book recommended to you by a friend, A book with any part of your name in it, and so on. It’s great fun finding the right book for the category, and this challenge can introduce you to some great authors you otherwise might not have tired. Ask at the library for the tally sheet!

For those keen to record their thoughts, experiences, disappointments, new skills, and achievements during the shut down, the library, in conjunction with Arts North West, still has some Panorama booklets to distribute. These are small 16 page booklets in which you can record – in paint, pencils, photos, fabric, clippings, collage, writing, quotes or however you wish – your experiences. The booklets need to be completed and returned to the library by 01 August, 2020, and they will go on tour to the libraries and art galleries of the North West region, before being returned to you. It will be your permanent record of this unusual time –
Just ring the library on 67402190 to secure a booklet, or come in and collect one!

Take care, and we look forward to welcoming you back to the library!