Library Lines: Tuesday, 30 January 2018

If your New Year’s resolution included healthy living, than this may be the book for you, The Food Swap Diet, by Peta Bee, encourages you to ‘discover the food swaps that will transform your diet and your weight’. The book works its way through from breakfast choices to dinner, including healthier option drinks, snacks and desserts.

Also including nutritional information for each recipe is the Australian Women’s Weekly: More Slow Cooking Recipes; includes dishes that are suitable for ‘the slow cooker, on the stove top, or in the oven’. Easy directions with plenty of photos.

With plenty of photos are the vibrantly colourful Guinness World Records 2018, which has ‘thousands of amazing new records’, and Ripley’s believe it or not!, a bright book which include information on animals, the world, pop culture, beyond belief and people. These are the type of books that you can open anywhere and come up with some interesting and fascinating information!

Going on an ‘out-of-season’ holiday? Try Australia’s Coast: The best beaches and coastal areas around the country, by Australian Geographic – the book contains photos and general information; however, no maps or more specific instructions.

Looking for something to keep you occupied on that long drive? Try some of the library’s talking books – full length novels in various genres recorded on CDs. Two titles recently added to the stock include James Patterson’s The 10th Anniversary and three novels by that great western writer, Louis L’amour: Bowdrie Passes Through; Where Buzzards Fly and No Man’s Land.

For beginning readers, there’s Be Brave Little Penguin, and a set of six new Peppa Pig titles for the Junior Easy section.

Remember, if your children are starting school this term, they can become participants in the library’s 1,000 Books After School Program, with certificates awarded for reading milestones!

See you soon at the library!