Library Lines: Tuesday, 05 March, 2019

Welcome to Multicultural March at Gunnedah Library!

The library will be decorated with colourful flags of many different nations, and we will also have a trivia quiz for all ages – match the flowers with their countries – you might find some of them very surprising!

There’s also a display of objects and fabrics from different lands in the library display cabinet.

Not to mention the vast collection of books the library holds – travel books, history books, and fiction books set in different cultures.

So expand your world and visit the library – it’s fun, and it’s free!

Plenty of new books have been added to the library shelves this last week; there’s something for everyone.

Erin Rhoads has written Waste Not:Make a big difference by throwing away less. This book is packed with handy hints for the house and garden, including recipes using natural materials. Children can also become involved with changing the world: 101 small ways to change the world: How you (yes, you) can make a difference! is published by Lonely Planets of Travel. There are chapters on caring for others, caring for yourself, and caring for the planet. It’s full of little information boxes and handy hints about how children can make a difference.

For beginner readers who want ‘proper books’ the set of six Orchard books might fit the bill. Heroes such as Jason, Kind Arthur, Ai Baba, Aladdin and Beowulf have their adventures portrayed in easy fiction and illustrated with cartoons.

Readers who enjoy thrillers can borrow The missing and the dead by Stuart MacBride, a ‘new Logan McRae novel, and The first lady - the latest novel by James Patterson and Brendan DuBois.

Lovers of the iconic Ford cars will enjoy Ford Australia: The cars and the people who built them by M. D. Cook and D. M. Wallace. Plenty of black and white and colour photos, with lots of information about the car and the company, the book is written in chronological order from its beginnings in 1923 to 2016.

See you soon at the library!