Library Lines: Tuesday, 03 December 2019

Keen readers please note that the library will be closed from 09 December, 2019, and won’t be opening again until Monday 06 January 20120 – we are getting a lovely new carpet!

There will be a pop up library outside the front door from 09 December 2019 until noon 20 December 2019, so you can select some books – these are cancelled books which are usually for sale. There are also pop up libraries at the Civic and at the door of the Conservatory.

Until 09 December you can borrow extra books to tide you over the carpet closure period and the Christmas and New Year break. The date due has also been adjusted so you won’t get any overdue notices or fines during this period.

There’s an afterhours chute to the left of the door, but it won’t be operating until after 20 December. After that date, if you’re in town, you can push the chute open and slide the books through, and they will be returned by the library staff when the library reopens.

All library programmes – Brain Training @ the Library, Junior Brain Games, Toddler Time, and Bookends Literacy Assist will carry on as usual until the Christmas and New Year shutdown, but in a different location!

Just come along to the library door as usual, and the library staff will escort you to the temporary location.

Plenty of new books have been added to the shelves during the last week.

Amongst the titles ready to be borrowed are the new thrilled by John Grisham The guardians ‘How do you prove your innocence from behind bars?’ is Quincy Miller’s problem – find out how he solves his dilemma by checking out the book!

Bestselling Australian author Tricia Stringer’s new novel The model wife also asks a question ‘When did having it all become doing it all?’; ‘sometimes a good woman can be pushed too far …’ Another great read -

See you soon at the library!