Library Lines: Tuesday, 04 September 2018

Plenty of new books have been added to the library shelves this past week. For younger readers, four new books in the Wonders of Learning series are Discover Dinosaurs; a visual guide to the captivating world of the dinosaurs; Discover the Earth: every child’s first book about the earth; Discover the human body: a visual guide to human anatomy; and Discover my animal encyclopedia: packed full of fascinating information about animals. The books are large format, with plenty of photos, drawings, and facts presented in text boxes, ideal for the child just beginning to explore different topics.

For the adult readers, we have added A room at the manor “a deliciously enjoyable read – warm, funny and romantic” by Julie Shackman, Queen of the North’ a historical novel set in the time of Richard II by Anne O’Brien, described as “a cracking historical novel”, The other wife a thriller by Michael Robotham: “A secret wife. A secret life. A killer who knows. … a confronting psychological thriller…” and Three little lies by Laura Marshall.

We are the dead: Gunnedah’s Great War by Geordie Clark “honours and remembers all of those men in the order in which they made their sacrifice.” The book includes 197 entries, and includes a names index and many black and white photos. It is now available to be borrowed.

If your child is struggling with reading issues, or just needs some practise, consider joining them up to the library’s Bookends programme. Children can ‘borrow’ a senior for twenty minute sessions and read a book of their choice. The senior will assist with pronunciation, punctuation and encouragement. Seniors can be borrowed on a regular basis or for a one off function like a class presentation. The programme is free, but bookings are essential – Tuesday, Thursday or Friday afternoon from 3.00pm – so please ring (02) 6740 2190 to make a booking!

See you soon at the library!